Heid and Gizmo Hugging

Gizmo Capozza, Summer's Sweetest


RIP Sweet Boy

April 17th, 2014

One year ago today we lost our precious little boy. He was the love of our lives from the moment we saw him.

The pet store which had him for sale was normally very reputable and most pets they had were happy and healthy. Heidi and I didn't go there with the intention of buying a dog but when she saw him, this sick little Chinese Crested Powder Puff, she asked, "Can we get him?". There was no possible way I could say no. "Yes", I said. Heidi started to cry, "Really?", she asked. She never thought that I'd agree to take him home him but the truth is that at the moment I saw him I too fell in love. Imagine, both of us head over heels with this sick little dog. But, to us he became so much more than just a pet store dog... he was now our little boy.

When Gizmo began his life he was sick and when his life ended he was sicker than he'd ever been. In between though, he was the happiest and most playful and lovable little dog you would ever meet. Everyone feels their pet is special and every pet parent worthy of being one should feel that way but Gizmo truly was special. It was almost as if he knew we gave him a chance at life and he was going to spend every waking hour making it up to us, and that he did.

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The day we finalized the paperwork for Gizmo, he was very, very sick. In fact, the pet store wanted us to leave him there so they could have the vet check him later that evening. We did. The vet left some medicine for him and suggested he stay there at the store until she determined when he was well enough to come home with us. Heidi wouldn't hear of it. "We can take much better care of him at home", she said. And we did. Through broken legs, thyroid disease, diabetes and blindness, he never stopped being our lovable little boy and we never looked back.

Heidi has always been the brave one. Through all her tears she saw how he was now beginning to change...not eating, not playful, not as happy as he once was. She asked if I thought it was time. Deep inside I knew it may have been but hearing her say those words made it oh so real. I couldn't bare the pain and heartache which came along with the realization that his time was near ... that his time was almost here. I held Gizmo and didn't want to let go but I knew she was right.

A few months passed and we were so grateful for the gift of every day we were able to spend with him. Rather suddenly, one year ago today, Gizmo, took a rapid turn for the worst. I was alone with him when he started his decline. It was only a few hours later that Heidi, Carissa and Cristiana all hurriedly made it home from work and school. We had to rush Gizmo to the vets office and we fully anticipated we wouldn't be taking him home. We couldn't let him suffer. For those fleeting moments at the vets office we thought of only Gizmo and what was best for him. Dr. Jones agreed...it was time. A time that came all too soon.

RIP our little boy... until we meet again. We love you so much!!!!!