Why use a pet sitter?

Astro Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Because we can’t take care of ourselves you know.

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Many are tempted to just ask a neighborhood kid, which is quite normal. However, it is important to realize that as professionals with life experience, we are able to detect and solve many problems that may arise. Below are just a few actual situations we've encountered:

  • While in our care the pets only source of air conditioning went off during a power failure. When the power came back on but the unit did not. We were able to detect that the air unit had shut down and restarted it with no injury or unnecessary stress or discomfort to the pets.
  • With 5 dogs in our care a client who was enjoying a caribbean cruise had their power turned off late on a Friday afternoon by the power company. Upon arrival to the home we read the notice on the front door and took immediate action to have the power restored before 6PM after which time the home would have been without power for the entire weekend and the pets would have been subjected to 90 plus degree temperatures. The remedy was not as simple as a call to the power company. We had to contact the clients at sea, obtain their password information for TECO as well as their credit card information and passwords. Within one hour the power was restored and the pets were safe.
  • With four dogs in our care a client was forced to go out of town to take care of an emergency. One of the dogs had been ill and on medication but had improved and was doing much better. Unfortunately, the condition was apparently contagious and another pet became ill. We took immediate action to get the sick pet to the emergency vet, after hours, where she was given treatment and medication and she was as good as new in just a couple of days.

Many clients are unaware of detrimental changes in their pets as they are exposed to them every day and just don't notice the subtle clues which may signal sickness or some other form of animal distress. On many occasions we have pointed out what we felt were potential issues worthy of consideration. Once aware of our concerns the client was now able to monitor the situation to determine if their pet did indeed require medical or some other form of attention.

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